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Unmanned systems

Border Surveillance

critical infrastructure

Aerial mapping

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Unmanned Aerial Systems

We ensure that the systems have situational awareness while performing the essential task of ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance). By combining our unique software and artificial intelligence capabilities with our best-in-class sensors, we develop the best solutions for Long-Endurance, Long-Range Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Today, three different Gimbal ISR systems developed by Blitz Technology are actively used in dozens of aircraft in five countries across two continents.

Anti-UAV Systems

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are increasingly common and easily accessible today making states and non-state actors to actively use kamikaze UAVs in modern warfare arenas, especially for attack purposes. Various anti-UAV systems developed to counter this threat are gaining importance day by day. Blitz Technology utilizes both Gimbal ISR systems and software solutions developed to integrate unmanned aerial vehicles/drones into Anti-UAV systems that prevent threats by incorporating various systems such as radar.

Land Systems

The effectiveness of land systems on the battlefield has always been undisputed. At Blitz Technology, we possess significant expertise in land systems. We provide services to numerous land systems with our developed Gimbal ISR systems and Spectre5165 Video Processing module. From Remote Controlled Weapon Systems (RCWS) to 360-degree situational awareness systems, our software solutions enhance these systems by adding "vision".

Critical Infrastructure Surveillance

Video processing capabilities are crucial for border surveillance as they enable efficient monitoring. Our devices utilize advanced algorithms to analyze and process real-time video footage. By integrating them into border surveillance systems, authorities can detect suspicious activities, track potential threats, and respond quickly to security breaches. Our video processors employ techniques like object detection and moving target indicator to automate the identification of unauthorized border crossings and suspicious behavior enhancing situational awareness and strengthening border security.

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