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VIDEO PROCESSOR for UAV, Drone, UGV, USV & Robotics.

Advanced Object Tracking

Advanced Object Tracking for critical mission requirements


Real-time multiple-camera video feeds for EO and IR cameras

High Quality Video Output

Up to 4K video output for various platforms

Moving Map

Moving Map support for real-time Geo-Location of targets

Video Encoding

H264 / H265 High Definition Video encoding options

On-board Recording

Up to 128 GB of On-board Video Recording

SPECTRE5165 is a video processor designed to offer unmatched performance primarily for Intelligence, Reconnaissance, and Surveillance (ISR) missions.
It is designed to be used effectively in manned and unmanned aerial, land, and sea vehicles, Gimbal ISR systems, border surveillance units, and various vehicles used for reconnaissance, wherever intelligence, reconnaissance, and surveillance missions are involved.

Technical Specifications

- 46 x 58 x 15 mm, module weighs 35 gr
- Advanced Object Tracking
- Dual Video Inputs Support
- Full HD H.264/H.265 Encoded Video Outputs
- Onboard Video Recording
- Serial To Ethernet Bridge Support

See the Documentation section for Technical DataSheets, ICD, or CAD Files
For Software Features, see the software page in Our Solutions section
Watch test videos using various cameras in Photos & Videos section
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